Pod Farm Share

Type: Pod Farm Share | $750
Price: $750.00
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27 Weeks of Certified Organic and Salmon-Safe produce: Thursday, May 30 – Sunday, December 1, 2024

Oxbow's Pod Farm Share is perfect for those desiring a generous supply of fresh produce. With a weekly budget equivalent to approximately $27.78, this share caters to larger households or avid home cooks, providing a diverse selection of healthy, sustainably-grown seasonal goodness for you and your loved ones.


Questions? Explore these helpful links:


Farm Share Overview | Farm Share Policies and FAQs | Email: farmers@oxbow.org


*Please note that towards the end of the 27-week program, Oxbow’s Farm Stand will be the sole pickup location, as the farmers markets conclude for the season—Issaquah and Mercer Island markets close late-September, and Duvall market closes late-October.

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